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About the FloWatch Device

Conventional PAB is far from being optimal. The implantation of the band is conducted under general anaesthetic and artificial respiration which makes the adjustment of the device very difficult, so that long stays in intensive care and further operations to re-adjust the band tightness are sometimes required. This situation is traumatic to newborn babies and their parents and results in increased mortality and morbidity. This problem is even more acute in developing countries where surgery and post-operative care are often basic at best.

FloWatch is a remotely adjustable PAB medical device. The technology comprises an implant coupled to an external control unit; the latter allows the remote control and regulation of the blood pressure post-implantation without having to physically access the device, resulting in shorter stays in intensive care and by-passing the need for re-operations. In addition, the innovative adjustment capabilities of the system allow surgeons and cardiologists to develop new treatments possibilities tailored to their patients’ needs.
This device has proven medical benefits and has been implanted successfully in children in Europe and Asia between 2002 and 2015.

FloWatch Device

Benefits of the FloWatch
-    Electro-mechanical implant with a biocompatible encapsulation
-    Wireless control, no batteries required
-    Unique technology able to perform a precise mechanical adjustment inside the body

-    Fast and precise banding procedure with no need for re-operation
-    Remote blood pressure control
-    Infant homecare
-    Safer final cardiac repair surgery

-    30% less mortality
-    70% reduction in hospital stay
-    Reduction in overall medical costs

From Corno et al., J thorac Cardiovasc Surg. 2007, Dec;134(6):1413-9