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Monique Caillat

Monique A. Caillat is an Attorney at Law based in Geneva, Switzerland, specialised in the healthcare sector. As Board Member, she is the General Counsel of the Foundation.

With over 20 years experience in the regulated industries in Europe and the US, she has represented the private sector's interest in its relations with the Authorities, International Organisations, Academia and NGOs. Specialised in counsel to pharmaceutical companies, start-ups, nonprofits and medical professional organisations in the healthcare sector, she has an in-depth knowledge of pharmaceutical products licensing, registration and reimbursement issues. Monique is also engaged in supporting patient and healthcare provider interactions and undertakes medical mediations.

Monique A. Caillat is a member of the American Bar Association in New-York, of the Committee of "La Société Académique de Genève", of the Association of International Business Lawyers (Geneva), of the Geneva Business Law Association and sits on the board of other foundations based in Switzerland.

Monique Caillat
Attorney at Law & Board Member