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Pierre Fridez

Pierre Fridez is Medical Device Director at EspeRare. His first focus is on the management of the FloWatch project.
Pierre graduated from EPFL with a physics doctorate and has vast experience in Medical Devices. In 2000, Pierre joined the startup EndoArt as project leader for the FloWatch, a device for babies with congenital heart disease. Following the success of the project, he became product manager and then head of R&D. He was instrumental in the improvement of the technology and its application to a telemetric gastric band for obesity, paving up the way for the startup Allergan. Pierre was R&D manager of the Allergan Swiss center and more recently, head of R&D and Product Development at Electro Medical Systems. Pierre brings to EspeRare 17 years of industrial know-how in Medical Devices as well as his deep knowledge of active implants (AIMD) and biomechanics.

In joining the EspeRare foundation, Pierre realizes his dream of focusing his energy and creativity in providing medical devices to neglected patients without being driven solely by the former's commercial potential.    

Pierre Fridez
Medical Device Director

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