Advancing treatments for rare diseases Together


EspeRare is a foundation recognized by the Swiss authorities to be operating for the public benefit, as such, it is fully tax exempt and eligible for Swiss and International subventions as well as non-financial support.

Its capital is built through institutional and private donations, bequests, grants and also by the product of its R&D activities. In line with its nonprofit status, all revenues generated by the foundation through the development of therapeutic assets are reinvested for new rare disease programs in its portfolio. Neither endowment nor share in net profits of the foundation shall be given or distributed to a director, employee or any other individual.

The foundation has joint theTransnational Giving Europe (TGE) network, a partnership of leading European foundations and associations that facilitates tax-efficient cross-border giving within Europe. The TGE network enables donors, both corporations and individuals, resident in one of the participating countries, to financially support non-profit organisations in other member countries, while benefiting directly from the tax advantages provided for in the legislation of their country of residence. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further detailed information.

If you are interested to contribute, please contact us !


Throughout our activities we are committed to raise and use public and private funding, in a socially responsible and nonprofit manner.