Advancing treatments for rare diseases Together

Impact of our model

Bringing together patients and commercial interest to address rare diseases

Several therapeutic opportunities to treat rare disease patients exist but are too often left in “drawers” of pharmaceutical companies or universities. These opportunities are never tested nor developed because biopharmaceutical companies are rarely willing to risk investing Research and Development (R&D) budget for this small market and lower potential of financial return. Academia on the other hand can lacks the know-how to conduct robust drug development especially in late phases of clinical development.  

EspeRare model

EspeRare’s is a non-profit drug development engine that scientifically and financial enables the translational exploration, from precinical to clinical, thus given a chance to unexplored therapeutic opportunities in rare diseases.

To achieve its goals the foundation leverages its ability to:

  • Identify “dormant” repositioning opportunities with high therapeutic potential
  • Collaborate with patient organisations to support patient access for clinical development and commercialisation
  • Mobilise hybrid funding sources by combining public, philanthropic and commercial funds to finance R&D activities
  • Provide R&D and project management coordination to the R&D network of partners necessary to efficiently develop those opportunities 
  • Partner with commercial biopharmaceutical organisation for late stage drug development and commercialisation

A novel model

Increasing financial pressure on the healthcare system and on treatment pricing is calling for a new R&D model that can develop affordable drugs.
At the heart of our novel model lays the development of highly networked, patient-centred, public-private partnerships that drive the development of affordable drugs for rare diseases.

The advantage of EspeRare lies in its unique ability to applies all the pieces of a comprehensive solution- R&D and project management expertise, patient centricity and hybrid financing mechanisms to allow unexplored treatment to be developedto while reducing R&D and costs and timelines.