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Béatrice Greco

Béatrice Greco is a Founder of EspeRare. She is a Board member and plays an active role in the Executive Committee.

In 1997, Béatrice obtained her PhD from Emory University, Atlanta USA, before moving on with her post-graduate and instructor academic career at the Medical School of the University of Massachusetts, USA.  Béatrice has a strong background in neurosciences and has driven numerous research projects on neuronal plasticity and associated disorders. In 2003 she joined the Serono pharmacology department where she held various managerial positions, lead a number of drug discovery projects in neurology while heading the in-vivo translational testing of preclinical molecules. Béatrice joined the Innovation and Partnership team of Merck Serono in 2009 to foster and elaborate innovative pharma concepts addressing translational research needs.

Beatrice’s passion for innovation and her particular interest in applying science to address neglected diseases naturally drove her to co-develop this foundation. 

Béatrice Greco
Founder & Board Member

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